Meet the Staff

  • Lexi M.

    Lexi started off as a patient with A Better Life Chiropractic. During her time with Dr. Barbaro she was fascinated with Chiropractic and its ability to heal. She joined our team as our Patient Service Representative,  anxious to see people improving their health naturally. 

    Dynamic and in control, if you ever have a question, Lexi is happy to assist you with any insurance question you may need help understanding.

    'Since starting chiropractic, I have seen a dramatic change in my health and disposition. I have never seen an office where patients come to be like your family. I am so happy to be a part of such a healthy environment.'

    Lexi is trilingual and is also happy to assist our Spanish & German speaking patients. 

  • Cynthia S.

    Cynthia Subbert has worked as a Chiropractic Assistant for 15 years and is also our Office Manager and part of a dual Chiropractic Assistant Team. 

    Cynthia is a walking testament to the lifelong benefits of Chiropractic. A patient of Dr Deanna Barbaro's since the age of 12, chiropractic has delayed progression of her scoliotic curvature without the use of a brace. She attributes her health and wellness to Continued Chiropractic Care. 

    Patients often saw Cynthia receiving chiropractic adjustments throughout her pregnancy. Now patients watch her children Mia & River get adjusted, as well as her husband Ryan, keeping them healthy as can be. 

    Cynthia is committed and passionate about helping others. We are grateful to have her as a part of our chiropractic team. Cynthia is always available to answer any questions you may have about your chiropractic care. Please feel free to call and speak with her!

  • Priscilla M.

    Priscilla is our Insurance Billing Specialist. She has been working with Florida insurance billing for over 20 years. 

    Very knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance billing, Priscilla has much experience with Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance as well as Auto Injury and Workman's Comp coverage. 

    Having personally experience healing at Dr. Deanna's hands, she ensures her entire family is regularly adjusted.

    Please feel free to contact Priscilla with any questions that you may have regarding insurance coverage for chiropractic care for you and your family!

  • Laura T.

    Laura is our bilingual Front Desk Coordinator. Laura enjoys warmly greeting patients when they arrive and tending to any questions or needs. She works in combination with our insurance billing specialist and  the office manager. Her primary focus is ensuring patients have proper direction, paperwork and communication. She also takes care of collecting payments. 

    'I love being part of a team in which the patient's well being is the priority. It brings me such happiness to see the patients improvement and to hear their life changing experiences.'

  • Daniela F.

    Daniela is our Chiropractic Assistant. She performs evaluations, takes x-rays and assists with patient education. She is bilingual and more than happy to assist and educate our Spanish speaking patients.

    Daniela has experienced the tremendous benefits of chiropractic care to alleviate her pain and improve her range of motion.

    She has recommended all her family and friends to start changing their life for better with Chiropractic Care. Daniela is dedicated to helping our patients reach their chiropractic health goals. Please feel free to reach out to her with any questions about your care!

Meet our Licensed Massage Therapists:

  • Medical Massage Therapy
  • Complements Chiropractic Care
  • Alleviates the Pain-Spasm-Pain Cycle
  • Helps prevent future problems
  • Experienced Therapists

    • Leah O.
      • Specializes in:
      • Swedish
      • Deep Tissue
      • Prenatal
      • Hot Stone Therapy
      • Lymphatic

      Leah is a licensed massaged therapist who was born and raised in Louisiana. She has lived in Naples for over ten years and has continued her education in the Chiropractic field. She is very knowledgeable in her field with many years of experience.

      She works in combination with Dr. Deanna Barbaro to focus her skills on patient's individual needs.  

      Available: Monday's & Tuesday's


    • Mara C.

       Specializes in:

      • Swedish
      • Reflexology
      • Aromatherapy
      • Deep Tissue
      • Craniosacral
      • Trigger Point Therapy
      • Hot Stone Massage
      • Cupping
      • Prenatal
      • Shiatsu
      • Lymphatic Drainage
      • Post and Preoperative

      Mara considers herself and empathetic massage therapist with over 16 years of combined experience.  She has many techniques which she started to develop in Brazil and has continued developing locally. She enjoys her profession and uses the appropriate and most effective technique required for each client.  

      'I love my profession, my best reward is helping people with their health and relieving their stress'

      Available: Monday - Thursday


    • Dayana E.

      Specializes in:

      • Deep Tissue 
      • Prenatal
      • Swedish
      • Cupping
      • Trigger Point
      • Hot Stones
      • Reiki

      Dayana has been practicing for nearly 10 years. 'I love what I do! My biggest reward is when my clients tell me that they have less pain, improved range of motion, and or able to walk without pain'. Dayana has lived in FL for 18 years now, 17 of them in Miami. She is a proud mother of two young adult children, a son & daughter.  

      'When I am not making someone feel better, I enjoy reading, baking, cooking, painting, and making jewelry'.

      Available: Wednesday's & Thursday's



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    Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    • "What condition first brought you to our office? My balance, neck, back and shoulders

      What treatments did you first try? Medication, physical therapy

      How have you benefited from Chiropractic care? I now walk straight, free of lower back pain...more"
      Lori S. - NAPLES, FL