Meet the Staff

  • Cynthia

    Cynthia Subbert has worked as a Chiropractic Assistant for 6 years and is also our Office Manager and part of a dual Chiropractic Assistant Team. 

    Cynthia is a walking testament to the lifelong benefits of Chiropractic. A patient of Dr Deanna Barbaro's since the age of 12, chiropractic has delayed progression of her scoliotic curvature without the use of a brace. She attributes her health and wellness to Continued Chiropractic Care. 

    Patients often saw Cynthia receiving chiropractic adjustments throughout her pregnancy. Now patients watch her little baby Mia get adjusted keeping her healthy as can be. 

    Cynthia is committed and passionate about helping others. We are grateful to have her as a part of our chiropractic team.Cynthia is always available to answer any questions you may have about your chiropractic care. Please feel free to call and speak with her!

  • Priscilla

    Priscilla is our Insurance Billing Specialist. She has been working with Florida insurance billing for over 17 years. 

    Very knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance billing, Priscilla has much experience with Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance as well as Auto Injury and Workman's Comp coverage. 

    Having personally experience healing at Dr. Deanna's hands, she ensures her entire family is regularly adjusted.

    Please feel free to contact Priscilla with any questions that you may have regarding insurance coverage for chiropractic care for you and your family!

  • Criselda (Crissy)

    Crissy is the other half of our Chiropractic Assistant Team. She performs patient evaluations, directs marketing and assists with patient education. She is passionate about chiropractic having experienced first-hand the healing power of Chiropractic BioPhysics.

    She first saw Dr. Deanna in 1998. She had suffered from debilitating daily cluster headaches since the age of 6 and had seen many doctors and specialists who prescribed much medication. At only 21 years of age, she was heavily medicated and her quality of life was sorely affected. After her first month of treatment with Dr. Deanna, she saw a profound impact on her health, energy and noticed that her headaches were virtually gone. She stopped all pain medication and has never looked back.

    'I talk about the benefits of Chiropractic Bio Physics to everyone I care about. It brings undescribable joy to hear patients tell me how much Dr. Deanna has helped them enjoy their daily lives. I can't wait to read every testimonial that comes out of these doors!'

  • Yamila

    Yamila is our Front Desk Coordinator. Yamila enjoys warmly greeting patients when they arrive and tending to any questions or needs. She works in combination with our insurance billing specialist and  the office manager. Her primary focus is ensuring patients have proper direction, paperwork and communication. Yamila directs patients through the process of examination, X-Rays and understanding financial plans. She also takes care of collecting payments. 

    'I love being part of a team in which the patient's well being is the priority. It brings me such happiness to see the patients improvement and to hear their life changing experiences.'

    Yamila has not only personally enjoyed the health benefits of Chiropractic but also shares her gained knowledge with family and friends so they too can benefit from the health advantages of Chiropractic Biophysics. 

  • Evelyn

    Evelyn is part of our Billing Team and processes all payments. With over 8 years of experience in medical billing, Evelyn joined our team anxious to see people improving their health naturally. 

    Dynamic and in control, if you ever have a question, Evelyn is happy to assist you with any insurance question you may need help understanding.

    'Since starting chiropractic, I have seen a dramatic change in my health and disposition. I have never seen an office where patients come to be like your family. I am so happy to be a part of such a healthy environment.'

    Evelyn is bilingual and is also happy to assist our Spanish speaking patients. 

  • Lesa

    When calling our office, you will be warmly greeted by Lesa. Lesa is our Office Scheduler. She works hard to ensure that your scheduling needs are met.  When building patient’s schedules, she keeps individual requests and preferences in mind to allow for your much needed treatments on a convenient agenda. She understands that we all have busy lives and appreciates your efforts to make time to create a healthy lifestyle through the amazing power of Chiropractic.

    Having started at A Better Life Chiropractic with no Chiropractic knowledge, she has been amazed at all the little-known benefits it provides! She has recommended all her family and friends to start changing their life for better with Chiropractic Care! Give her a call today to schedule your New Patient visit or next time you are in the office pay her a visit to schedule a massage. You won't be disappointed!

Meet our Licensed Massage Therapists:

  • Medical Massage Therapy
  • Complements Chiropractic Care
  • Alleviates the Pain-Spasm-Pain Cycle
  • Helps prevent future problems
  • Experienced Therapists

    • Dr. Deanna Barbaro

      Dr. Deanna Barbaro works together will all therapists to ensure you have the most healing experience possible. MM# 13986

    • Suzan
      • Swedish
      • Deep Tissue
      • Trager Approach
      • Hot Stone Therapy
      • Reiki
      • Lomi Lomi
      • Asian
      • Cranial Sacral
      • Trigger Therapy
      • Aromatherapy

      Suzan describes her unique style of massage as Intuitive Massage Therapy as she has combined training and techniques she has learned over her career. 

      She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for almost 30 years! She is also a certified Nurse since 1980 giving her superior insight into your anatomy. 

      She has gone so far as to study Lomi Lomi on the big island of Hawaii  from Master Aunty Margaret. She has also studied the healing practices of the Native American, Huichal Indians of Mexico and Incan cultures of Peru. Suzan also a Level II Reiki  practicioner.

      Suzan has recently moved to Naples from Cocoa Beach where she enjoyed story telling in Elementary Schools and made dolls and animal props incorporate into her story telling. She works in combination with Dr. Deanna Barbaro to focus her skills on patient's individual needs. Patients consistently comment on her ability, skill and technique. 

      Suzan is in the office on Mondays & Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings  #MA8102

    • Leah
      • Swedish
      • Deep Tissue
      • Trigger Point Therapy
      • Hot Stone Massage
      • Cupping

      Leah has been a licensed massage therapist since 2010 and has worked in the Southwest Florida area since then. She has experience working in both Chiropractic and Spa settings. 

      Dr. Barbaro likes to refer patients with shoulder and joint issues to Leah as she has done amazing work on patients experiencing these issues.

      She enjoys spending time with her dogs and playing music. She also loves working with patients and helping them get back into their regular life routine.

      Leah is in the office Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays mornings and afternoons #MA58410

    • Shanti
      • Thai Yoga Massage
      • Deep Tissue
      • Pre-Natal
      • Swedish
      • Cranial Sacral
      • Lomi Lomi
      • Hot Stones

      Shanti has been studying massage for 20 years. She uses many massage techniques acquired from teachers of all cultures. She combines her skills with heartfelt intention for healing and wellness.  She has been teaching yoga since 1980 and has seen many patients and students improve posture through alignment and breath work. Shanti traveled to Thailand to learn spa treatments and techniques. Her treatments are a true experience she feel honored to share with each patient.

      An avid promoter of massage and yoga therapy, Shanti completes her well balanced wellness program with Chiropractic care. Her goal is that you will experience freedom in movement gaining more balance and flexibility with her treatments.     'The most incredible aspect for me is the understanding that the intention in my heart can be so clearly communicated through my work. I seek and discover the unique beauty that is within us all.'  #MA66146

    • Vanessa Schunko
      • Deep Tissue Massage
      • Swedish Massage
      • Trigger Point
      • Reflexology
      • Cupping

      Vanessa began her healthcare career in Germany practicing Physical Therapy and has since progressed to Massage Therapy. She has a unique perspective when approaching each patient. She specializes in therapeutic massage with the intention of correcting postural deviations.  To achieve optimum results, she will incorporate a variety of techniques, even stretching. She also enjoys educating her clients to provide self care to achieve progressive well being. Vanessa adjusts each massage to the individual patient and her strong knowledge of anatomy allows her to provide a very specific massage for each patient's unique needs.

      In her free time, Vanessa enjoys spending time with her family and going to the gym to stay fit and healthy.                                                                                                               MM#88237


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      Lori S. - NAPLES, FL